Film No. 5
A Comprehensive Survey of Historical Plaques in Shoreditch, East London | 3' | 2014
digital video, stereo, colour

This film was commissioned to be part of an online interactive map of East London. I think the guys who asked me to do it wanted a short documentary about a ‘quirky character’ from the area. Instead I made a sort of public information film that goes awry, in which two voices compete with each other to announce the written text on the various historical plaques in and around Shoreditch, as the film’s structure begins to break down around them. I hope that through all the chaos, the nuanced layers of history in the area are still somewhat apparent. I didn’t realise until I’d finished making it that the green on the title cards echoes the green of the title cards in the Monty Python’s Flying Circus episode How to Recognise Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away, which I’d watched hundreds of time as a child. I don’t think the online interactive map ever reached completion.

2016 Usurp Zone5 India, New Delhi
2015 Croydon International Film Festival, London
2015 Usurp Zone5 Film Festival, London
2015 Films About Walking, London
2015 Video Strolls, Birmingham
2015 Flatpack Festival, Birmingham
2015 London Shorts,
2015 London Short Film Festival, London
2014 Short Sighted Cinema, London
2014 Greenhorn Short Film Festival, London