Wormell makes a good case that, on a subliminal level, there is a seething, drunken joy underneath ordinary consciousness
- David Finkelstein

I make short, landscape-based films in which street signage, trees, architecture, and places such as parks, motorways, and urban edge lands, become charged and reactivated through camerawork, editing, text, voiceover, and sound collage. The boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary is what interests me: the movement and colour of a congested city, the uncanny euphoria of the motorway, the inconsequential memories that places can summon. My films heighten these sensory moments in a euphoric reclamation of the everyday that uses ‘amateur’ aesthetics such as motion blur, exposure changes and frozen frames. The form of each film varies, from overtly humorous to more abstract and questioning in tone, but the intersection between the mundane and the transcendent is what underlies all of them.

Films have been screened at London Short Film Festival, Barbican, Whitechapel Gallery, BFI, Transient Visions, Exploding Cinema, Flatpack Festival, and Aesthetica Film Festival.

Live and work in London