A Roost For Every Bird | 5' 42'' | 2012

Footage shot in the wilds of the Cumbrian Lake District juxtaposed with a voiceover detailing notable (and not so notable) facts about the United Kingdom’s capital city: London. The wind blows, sheep eat grass and occasionally stare back at us, and meaning and logic become ever more elusive. In some ways this film highlights our absurd attempts to assign defined characteristics to places.

2016 Wendleswurth 2, Turf Projects, London
2016 Short Circuit Shorts, Brighton
2015 Langsett Independent Film Festival, Peak District
2014 Southwark Arts Forum Shorts, London
2013 Croydon International Film Festival, London
2013 Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York
2013 5th Base Gallery, London
2013 Kino, London