Area by Road (excerpt) | 8’ 45" | 2020

‘...all land, no matter what has happened to it, has over it a grace, an absolutely persistent beauty.’
- Robert Adams

An exploration of a small area by the side of the road, cordoned-off and littered with refuse. The roving camera intimately examines the disregarded plastics and thriving weeds that decorate the space while continually auto-focussing, creating a fractured journey around the temporary wasteland. On the soundtrack, passing cars, trains, people and other sounds of the space intermingle with semi-musical textures and field recordings, situating it somewhere between being part of the urban environment, and existing in a world of its own, a colourful landscape scattered with fascinating minutiae. Area by Road doesn’t pass judgement on the pollution inherent in the space, it just acknowledges its troubling beauty.