Film No. 13
Careless Camera Work on Clapham Common  | 4' 30'' | 2016
digital video, silent, colour

'Wormell makes a good case that, on a subliminal level, there is a seething, drunken joy underneath ordinary consciousness'
Film International review by David Finkelstein

Clapham Common is a large urban park in south London. This film presents the common’s grass, trees, roads, and rubbish in an inconsistent, spasmodic manner. I recorded the space on a summer evening after finishing work; the sky was the hue of tupperware, the corner of the common I was filming was far from beautiful, and the camera work was purposefully shaky and without any particular focus other than the verdant yet prosaic grass. In an attempt to create something formally dynamic out of powerfully bland material, this silent film jerks between freeze frames and moving image, with free-associative commonplace words overlaid on top, aiming for a normal euphoria.