Film No. 22
Crumbs #1 (Lewis & Harris)
| 2' 50" | 2018
16mm to digital video, stereo, colour

A semi-abstract home movie of a family holiday. The process began with a three minute reel of 16mm film shot on a trip to the Scottish Outer Hebrides with my parents and sister in the summer of 2016. For two years I wasn’t sure what to do with it. For some reason it felt wrong to edit the footage, I wanted to preserve the rough in-camera edits made while filming, and I came to see this limitation as a creative starting point. I began to juxtapose sounds against the images of the sea, hills and dilapidated ruins. What materialised was a divergent collage of sounds that was whimsical and disruptive in nature. I decided that these parameters could form the basis of a series of 16mm films, which I’ve called Crumbs, because they are built out of footage chunks and scatterings of sound that were created with no direct objective.