Film No. 28
Crumbs #3 (Cinema Trailer)
| 2' 52" | 2020
16mm to digital video, stereo, colour

A parodic cinema trailer voiceover is paired with footage of a beach in south-west Ireland, filmed in the summer of 2019. The image and sound really have no connection with each other, which is the point, and hopefully the badly delivered bombast of the voiceover is humbled by shining banality in amateur camerawork, seaweed, surf, and sand.

This is the third in a series of 16mm films called Crumbs, which I use to explore and experiment with different techniques and textures.

The dog is called Monster. The camera had a broken shutter.

2021 We Makes Movies International Film Festival, online programme
2021 Diametrale Film Festival, Innsbruck
2021 London Short Film Festival, ‘Lo-Budget Mayhem’, Rio Cinema, London
2021 Hungry Eyes ‘Trash Night’, Geissen
2021 London Short Film Festival ‘Lo-Budget Mayhem’, online programme
2020 Harkat 16mm Film Festival ‘Medium Manipulation’, Mumbai
2020 Kinoskop ‘Thingamijigs, Punks & Subversives’, Belgrade