Film No. 26
Garbage Helicopter Composition #10(b)
| 4' 29" | 2019
16mm, 35mm stills, digital video, stereo, colour

This film rose from the ashes of various incomplete film ideas, video sketches and unused footage. It jumps from one idea to the next, forming a sort of diary of places I've been and failed ideas I've had over the last ten or so years. Garbage Helicopter Composition #10(b) is in some ways a monument to the ubiquity of video and its excesses.

Some material that appears in this film includes: footage of holidays to Seattle, San Francisco, and Freiburg, an incomplete video study of The Shard, light on the stairs of a house in Bristol from 2009, redundant digital formats, corrupted DVD rips, amateur photography experiments, a woodland outside Berlin, elements of promotional films I’ve made for money, and audio from TV dramas, Youtube instructional videos, and a cafe in Wood Green. It includes about one hundred other things as well. These clashing elements butt up against each other as the film tries to engineer fluidity out of divergence.