Film No. 33
Holy Waste
| 4’ 13" | 2020
digital video, stereo, colour

A short and simple video documenting, in loving slow motion, a gaudy pile of recently dumped food on the pavement. The ripe mess is elevated into a landscape of bounteous putrescence, where sweet and savoury foods ooze into one another and become hard to identify. The video slides between allure and vile abomination, and the soundtrack, dripping with synths, fumbles drunkenly from euphoria to harsh dissonance.

For a short period I was an editor of promotional videos for food festivals. I would edit footage of people indulging in flame-cooked meat, barbecued vegetables, and colourful fruit-based desserts, all in glorious and luxurious slow motion. Holy Waste is a depraved inversion of those videos, and yet still celebratory and deeply decadent.

2022 Exploding Cinema, London
2021 Citric Signals Video Network ‘Colours’ online programme

Food for thought: on attraction and repulsion in Jack Wormell’s Holy Waste
Gareth Evans, The Room Projects, 10th May 2021