Film No. 7
Paving Stones & Pigeons | 1' 38'' | 2015
digital video, stereo, colour

A short thing, filmed when I lived on Hornsey Road in North London. More a picture of the weather and the time of day than the road itself perhaps. In no way comprehensive. Using average shots in an edit that swings between laissez-faire cutting to a more hard edged rhythmic style without paying much attention to a shot's content, something I played with further in Grassland & Rubble @ 187.5 BPM. The musical accompaniment is called Blue Basket and is from Cambodia but the identities of the composer and performer are lost to time. This was a surviving segment from a much longer film about Hornsey Road called 'A Road Is A Road Is A Road', which I worked on for a long time until I realised it was shite.