Film No. 34
Severn Tunnel Junction
| 8’ 09" | 2021
digital video, stereo, colour

A document of a very wet and bleak day spent in the environs around Severn Tunnel Junction, a train station in Monmouthshire, Wales, near the border with England. Me and my friend Dave tramped about, examining concrete structures, heaps of rubbish, cows, an aquatic woodlouse, and an undisclosed piece of excreta.

Bookended by Fabio Frizzi’s Zombie Flesh Eaters score, and characterised by muted blues, greys and greens, this video became infused with the mood of the pandemic year, something I only realised late in the process of making it. The air was wet without it raining, the animals looked blankly, and some kind of rapture was occasionally achieved.