Film No. 39
Signage Fantasy
| 06’ 48” | 2022
digital video, stereo, colour

Kicking off with a quote from collage artist Kurt Schwitters, Signage Fantasy is a celebration of the colour of UK road signs. A scrapbook film which tosses out an idea and then quickly moves onto the next. A dance between functionality and abstraction, with input plundered from painter Trevor Winkfield and graphic designer Margaret Calvert. A colourful hullabaloo decorates the soundtrack, as the film whizzes through various visual thought processes without reaching any sort of conclusion.

This film was an absolute bastard to make, taking me years to decide on it’s form, and resulting in the patchwork nature of Signage Fantasy. It’s a quivering object, not quite sitting comfortably but just making it past the finish line. A mixed metaphor, perhaps, but suitable for this mishmash of an almost film.

2022 Film and Beyond, London