Film No. 25
The Barbican Mixtape | 21' 09” | 2019
digital video, stereo, colour

An irreverent, cut-and-paste journey through the history of the Barbican Estate and Centre, as seen in promotional films, news items, music videos, TV drama, motion pictures and other such things. This film was commissioned by the Barbican Archive in celebration of the Barbican Estate’s 50th anniversary, and there are three versions: feature length, twenty minute (above), and five minute.

The feature length version features two rare television documentaries presenting both sides to the history of the estate: the first, a World in Action special from 1967 entitled The Militants, follows the Barbican construction workers as they organise against their employers in a historic strike that became known as ‘The Battle of the Barbican’. This is paired with South of Watford, filmed over twenty years later, a roaming and playful portrait of the Barbican in 1988, interviewing residents, staff and performers at the Centre.

2020 The Barbican YouTube channel (20 minute version)
2019 The Barbican Archive Residency, Barbican Centre, London (5 minute version)
2019 Cinema 1, Barbican Centre, London (Feature length version)