Film No. 41
Which Is Your Favourite Pile?
| 08’ 32” | 2022
digital video, stereo, colour

Piles of rubble, earth, building materials, etc, filmed by me over a three year period in London, put together as a four way split screen emphasising their similarities and differences. Which Is Your Favourite Pile? came about because I noticed the ubiquity of piles in London. Filmed on my phone because I see them so often and who knows if they will be there when I return with my camera?

They are mostly the by-product of civic repairs and construction, demolition and gentrification, the upkeep of parks. They are both sinister and sad. They are there for you to contemplate, valorise, criticise or ignore, in all their unassuming, bulky, placid, ugly, dominant, brutish, messy, neat, beautiful glory. All ninety-five piles are numbered so you can choose which one is your favourite. The varying sounds of the city provide the audio backdrop to Which Is Your Favourite Pile?, uneven, undulating and abrupt.