Film No. 8
city | 8' | 2015
digital video, silent, colour

Colourful yet clinical. Pictures that look like they were filmed by a CCTV camera that has developed a sensuous, aesthetic eye. A video documenting "a community of the unconscious and inanimate bastards of human intellect", according to my mate Gareth. Filmed in North, South, East, and West London, I wanted to make a sort of ‘everyday surface vision’ of London. Housing developers often talk about the ‘character’ of an area, but for all their different traits (determined by varied and ever-changing factors) much of my basic visual experience of London is pretty similar. I wanted to categorize the sameness, but also to highlight the contrast between compositions. Watching it now, it seems to be more about the innocuous man-made structures 'keeping an eye on us', whether malign or benign is unclear.

Dedicated to the photographer Lewis Baltz (1945 - 2014)

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