Film No. 12
Holiday Video | 4' 56''  | 2014 - 2016 | Sound: Benjamin Whitehill & Jamie Thomas
digital video, stereo, colour

I filmed this while on holiday in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland in 2014. It’s built mainly out of images of quiet woods, Loch Insh, ospreys, tiny little insects, and the wind in the trees. It mashes these elements together into a pulverizing, fast machine that buzzes with a fractured stop-start euphoria. I wanted to compose a film that felt like a rollercoaster to watch even though the subject matter was fairly tranquil. In Holiday Video a single image doesn’t command the singular power it might normally, but rather is an element in a constant stream of images which are hurled, flung and dropped at the viewer.

The soundtrack was created out of field recordings and sound effects that I collected and gave to Benjamin Whitehill and Jamie Thomas. They created a zooming, whizzing bricolage of a score that increases the videos’ sense of disorientation.

2017 Flatpack Festival, Birmingham